About Lost Coast Camp

Lost Coast Camp has an outstanding facility with a friendly barn, a warm kitchen and outdoor dining area, 4 cabins for the campers, a challenge course, and is just a walk away from the Mattole River and Mill Creek. Away from town and traffic, young people will be able to experience a very different lifestyle.

Situated in Petrolia, CA, Lost Coast Camp welcomes campers ages 5-17 to participate in our programs and activities. Parents can rest assured that their kids are under the supervision of capable and caring counselors. Every camper at Lost Coast Camp is guaranteed an amazing and unique experience in a safe and FUN atmosphere.

The first days of camp are focused on helping campers feel welcome and making new friends. We use our Challenge Course, play cooperative games, enjoy the river, and explore our natural surroundings. Arts and crafts time is a favorite. The week ends with an exciting hike on the Lost Coast where campers gain an even greater appreciation for our natural world.

Lost Coast Camp’s mission is to provide youth with a dynamic summer camp experience, which promotes building self-esteem and positive friendships, individual expression, and fostering an appreciation for the natural world.

Lost Coast camp welcomes youth of all backgrounds by awarding scholarships for 70-90% of all participants.

Diversity and Inclusion At

Lost Coast Camp

Lost Coast Camp is a welcoming place that celebrates differences. We reach out to recruit many campers and staff of all races, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities (assuming the disability permits safe participation in the LCCs program), and national or ethnic origins each year to join our program. Additionally, LCC welcomes transgender and gender nonconforming campers. We want our staff and campers to understand our goal of modeling an inclusive camp honoring our differences where all feel welcome for who they are.


Lost Coast Camp does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its camp-administered programs, educational policies, admission policies, or scholarship programs; nor does it discriminate against transgender and gender nonconforming campers and staff.

Special Health Needs at Lost Coast Camp

Lost Coast Camp is a safe place for everyone. We have a full and patient staff who are trained in helping with mental and emotional health needs. Lost Coast Camp is located very rurally, on a dirt driveway, on a hill. Campers will spend their week at camp, walking up and down hills, through grass fields, on the sand and over rocks, and on dirt paths. Due to this, we cannot offer camp to any campers who have physical limitations. All parents and guardians should be aware that at camp we do lots of hiking and walking.

We do our best to provide camp for children from at-risk homes, children with some medical conditions (food and environmental allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, others) but cannot offer our program to a child with a physical or cognitive disability where they would thrive better in a smaller group with a higher counselor to camper ratio which benefits a child and doesn’t discriminate.