About Lost Coast Camp

Lost Coast Camp has an outstanding facility with a friendly barn, a warm kitchen and outdoor dining area, 4 cabins for the campers, and a large organic garden. Away from town and traffic, young people will be able to experience a very different lifestyle.

The first days of camp are focused on helping campers feel welcome and making new friends. We use our Ropes Challenge Course, play cooperative games, enjoy the river, and explore our natural surroundings. Arts and crafts time is a favorite. The weekends with an exciting hike on the Lost Coast where campers gain an even greater appreciation for our natural world.

Lost Coast Camp’s mission is to provide youth with a dynamic summer camp experience, which promotes building self-esteem and positive friendships, individual expression, and fostering an appreciation for the natural world.

Lost Coast camp welcomes youth of all backgrounds by awarding scholarships for 70-90% of all participants.

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Situated in Petrolia, CA, Lost Coast Camp welcomes campers ages 5-17 to participate in our programs and activities. Parents can rest assured that their kids are under the supervision of capable and caring counselors. Every camper at Lost Coast Camp is guaranteed an amazing and unique experience in a safe and FUN atmosphere.

Send us a mail to:

P.O. BOX 110

Petrolia, CA 95558


1199 Lighthouse Rd

Petrolia, CA 95558

Contact us at lostcoastcamp@gmail.com


707-629-3547 or 707-629-3656

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