Meet Our 2022 Staff!

Josie and John Brown

Founders and Executive Director

Josie and Farmer John bring so much love and life to camp every year. Leading games and activities, including everyone's favorite, Ranch Day at their very own 7B Ranch. LCC would not be here if it weren't for all the love Josie and Farmer John put into camp and our community every year.


Hope Reinman

Head Chef Extraordinaire

Hope has been cooking at Lost Coast Camp for longer than anyone can remember. She brings not only the kitchen but all of camp alive. She helps out when we need her but always makes sure to make it to the river. Hope is always cooking up something sweet and is the best person to see when feeling homesick, she always has just the thing to make anyone feel better. 

Moses Brown

Custodian, Prep Cook, and Camp Photographer

Moses has been a part of camp since day one. He's there every day, helping keep camp tidy, joking around with staff and campers, making coffee and prepping vegetables in the kitchen, and getting the best pictures of videos of all things camp. LCC would not be as lively and happy without Moses around to keep us all company.  


Tanna Wise

Program and Accreditation Director

From day camper to camper, backpacker to a junior counselor, and counselor to the director, and now to her brand new role as accreditation director. Tanna has done it all! There are some people who think about camp 4 weeks out of the year but she lives for camp every single day of the year. LCC wouldn’t be the same without her great energy, valuable friendship, organizational skills, a love for nature, and her passion for making camp great.

Solomon Reinman

Program Director

Soli started camp as a Day Camper and worked his way up to Counselor in 2015. This summer Soli will join Tanna, long time best friends, as our Program Director. Soli knows a lot about a lot of stuff and he will probably have the answer to anything you ask him. He is also skilled in everything he sets his mind to, mastering it in a short amount of time. We cannot wait to have Soli back this summer, teaching us all something new.


Maria Vollmar

Backpacking and TLC Director

Maria started coming to camp as a backpacking camper and has come back every summer since. She has been a JC, worked with Day Camp, been Art Director, a Counselor, Head Counselor, and her most significant role as Backpacking Director. This will be her third year leading the trip and we are beyond excited to have her outdoor experiences with us again this summer! 

Dana Lopez

Head Counselor

Dana found camp in 2019 through the Y.E.S. House at Humboldt State. In 2019, she taught Folklorico to Performing Arts during Makers Camp, bringing something new and exciting to everyone at camp, from those dancing to everyone watching the performance. This year we are so excited to have Dana back leading our Sun Cabins (Madrone and Cedar) and helping us to make sure camp is safe and full of life. 


Kira Jones


This will be Kira's first summer working at camp. They have worked their way up from camper, to JC, and now finally a Counselor. Kira is extra special to camp because they embody so much of our camp traditions. They know the ins and outs, all the songs and games, and their love for camp is unmatched. We have all loved watching Kira grow into who they are today and we are so proud of whom they have become and so happy that they keep coming back!

Toño Padilla


Toño has been coming to camp since he was a camper. in the last few years at camp, he has been leading the way and for young campers and others by being one of our star JC's. Toño brings with him a familiarity of camp wherever he goes. We are so excited he will be joining us this summer for his first time as a counselor, bringing with him his expansive knowledge of all things camp!


Jerry Swider

TLC Counselor

Jerry started working at camp in 2019, bringing with him laughter, a love our the outdoors, leadership, and disc golf. Jerry has been helping to get LCC accredited behind the scenes. This summer, Jerry will be leading our Moon Cabins (Alder and Tan Oak) with more energy and leadership than ever before. As one of our favorite people, Jerry is sure to make you have a good time too.

Jack Davis

TLC Counselor

Jack has been working at camp since 2018, coming to camp through his friend (and a Counselor favorite) Red. Jack has worked as a Counselor for overnight camp twice and this will be his second time working with TLC. We are so excited to have Jack and his fun energy back and we can't wait to be having Medallion talks with one of the best listeners around.