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Swimming, Hiking,  Art, Campfire, Farming, and so much more!

Here's the new
  LODGE rising!

               LOST COAST CAMP
          Where strangers become friends,
                  and friendships last forever.
                     -since 1997

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                                                                                  Camperships always available

TeenLeadership Camp/Backpacking-June 22-29 Ages 14-16  $800


Junior Counselor Training Camp- June 29-July Ages 15-17  $650


Session 1 Ranch and Wild- July 5-12 Ages 8-11 $650


Jr. Explorers Day Camp- July 6-10  Ages 5-7 $400


Session 2 River and Adventure- July 14-21 Ages 9-12 $600


Session 3 Makers Camp- July 23-30 Ages 11-13  $800



About Lost Coast Camp
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