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Josie and John Brown

Founders and Executive Director

Josie and Farmer John bring so much love and life to camp every year. Leading games and activities, including everyone's favorite, Ranch Day at their very own 7B Ranch. LCC would not be here if it weren't for all the love Josie and Farmer John put into camp and our community every year.

Maria Vollmar

Sam Martin

Director and Head Counselor

Sam has been coming to Lost Coast Camp since 2015. She spent two years living on a tiny island called Saipan. From her experiences there and throughout life, Sam brings us strong leadership, good friendship, and love for LCC. Sam is a great thinker and has an incredible knack for getting things done fast and efficiently. Camp wouldn't run as smoothly if it wasn't for all the behind the scene work Sam does for us. 

Camp Director

Maria has been coming to camp since 2013. She is great at making sure everyone feels good and is having fun. She led our backpacking trip with great success for multiple years and last year introduced a whole new role to the LCC program, Head Counselor, where she paved a path for all towards great leadership. This year Maria will take on the role as director, leading camp with great strides and passion.

Jerry Swider

Jerry is a nature boy at heart. Jerry is a Boy Scout veteran and a Humboldt State Recreation student who found us last year and brought so much laughter and fresh energy to camp. Jerry is a wonderful leader, taking on two new roles this year, he will be taking his leadership to the next step and we are all so excited about it. 

Hope Reinman

Head Chef Extraordinaire

Hope as been cooking at Lost Coast Camp for more than anyone can remember. She brings not only the kitchen but all of camp alive. She helps out when we need her but always makes sure to make it to the river. Hope is always cooking up something sweet and is the best person to see when feeling homesick, she always has just the thing to make anyone feel better. 

Moose MacKay

Assistant Chef Extraordinaire and TLC Counselor

Moose has been coming to camp for more years than anyone can count. He has been in almost every position at camp. Starting as a camper, backpacker, Junior Counselor, Counselor, and Chef. He has found his place at camp, doing two things he loves the most, cooking and backpacking.  

Tanna Wise

Accreditation Director

From day camper to camper, backpacker to junior counselor, and counselor to director, and now to her brand new role as accreditation director… Tanna has done it all! There are some people who think about camp 4 weeks out of the year but she lives for camp every single day of the year. LCC wouldn’t be the same without her great energy, valuable friendship, organizational skills, a love for nature, and her passion for making camp great.

Moses Brown

Custodian, Prep Cook, and Camp Photographer

Moses has been apart of camp since day one. He's there every day, helping keep camp tidy, joking around with staff and campers, making coffee and prepping vegetables in the kitchen, and getting the best pictures of videos of all things camp. LCC would not be as lively and happy without Moses around to keep us all company.  

Cumbia Padilla

Teen Leadership Camp Director

Cumbia has been coming to camp since she was 9 years old. Being at camp is one of her favorite places to be. She's never missed a summer at LCC, even if she just pops in for a visit. Cumbia brings so much light and laughter to camp. She can be goofy and fun at campfire while also teaching us all valuable life lessons. We are so excited to have her back this year. 


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