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Camp Activities


During free time campers may play catch, play group games, work on crafts, read, blackberry picking, etc. as long as accompanied by a staff member or JC.


Painting, mask-making, friendship bracelets, origami, drawing, clay, or any other form of creative expression possible with the supplies provided.


2-3 miles of walking with a day backpack. Often includes swimming in a creek, playing group games, and plant identification.


1-mile walk from camp to the river, followed by monitored swim time, water play, digging in the sand, and lounging.

Camp Costumes Parties:

Costume time allows for as many wacky clothing combinations as you can imagine. Often part of Camp Carnival which includes face painting, dance party, and mini-games.

Lost Coast Olympics:

It can include a scavenger hunt, art relay, and water relay with each team making a team name and chant.


Shooting bow-and-arrow at hay targets. Facilitated by a professional organization to enable effective teaching and safety.

Beach Day:

An adventure to nearby Mattole Beach which allows for building driftwood forts, swimming in the estuary, and games of tag or capture the flag.

Ranch Day:

Feed Leeroy the Llama and herd of cows on Josie and Farmer John’s ranch. Harvest plants from their garden and meet the chickens.


Launch onto the river in canoes with a counselor and paddle around. Other activities include playing in the sand and swimming in the river.


Campers and staff take a hayride in a wagon led by a tractor to our neighbors for a puppet show. Songs are sung along the way, and staff who are walking outside the wagon pick blackberries to give to campers and staff in the wagon. Wagon never goes over 5mph. Campers never ride on the tractor.

Challenge Course:

Test your teamwork skills on our challenge course. Each cabin will get a chance to make their way through team building activities with the guidance of their cabin counselors.

Movie Nights:

Relax in your sleeping bag and enjoy some popcorn as we set up the projector and watch one of our favorite movies.


Spend a night away from camp with your cabin in the Art Field, the Hay Wagon, Otter Camp, Yoga Platform, or Strawberry Rock.

Beach Hike:

Staff and campers will pack up a backpacking backpack and take a mile-long hike down the beach where they will spend the night. Staff will carry water and food for the campers. After camp is set up, activities will be led on the beach, ranging from group games, art, shelter building with driftwood, and lounging.


Sing songs, laugh at skits, perform your cabin skit, and participate in the magical medallion ceremony.

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