Write  letters or cards to your camper (P.O. Box 110 Petrolia, 95558) , but phone him/her only if there is an emergency.  Campers may not receive phone calls while at camp. You may send emails or regular mail to your camper. A camp # is 629-3547.


The staff are really excited and are looking forward to spending a special week with you. Please write or call if there’s anything you need to know.


  for sessions 1,2 & 3

Pack into duffel or suitcase

LABEL important sweatshirts and jackets WITH NAMES

  • 2 shorts

  • pajamas

  • 2 pants or jeans

  • 7 underwear

  • 7 socks

  • 4-5 T shirts

  • shoes- sneakers

  • 1 sweater or sweatshirt

  • 1 jacket

  • 1 bathing suit

  • 1 towel

  • pillow

  • SLEEPING BAG, BACKPACK, SLEEPING PAD (if you have them, if not we CAN supply)

  • Sombrero o baseball cap

  • toothbrush, soap, shampoo

  • water bottle (labeled!)

  • flashlight

  • ALSO (if you can)

  • Parts of a Costume

  • WATER SHOES (or OLD sneakers)

  • BUG SpraY


  • Home addressed envelopes so your camper will write you


What NOT to Bring

  • Electronic devices like gameboys, radios

  • Candy

  • Money



Upon arrival all staff and campers are screened and head-checked.  

Please check your child for head lice prior to sending her/him to camp. And IF your child has been recently treated, notify us so that we will re-check  

Campers who arrive at camp with head lice must  pick up child and treat at home Camper can return if nit free and clothing treated.

P.O. BOX 110

1199 Lighthouse Rd, Petrolia, CA 95558

(707) 629-3547 or 629-3656

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